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About Us

We are growing!


To foster ongoing learning in each person the ability to value themselves, reflect with clarity and relate to others with empathy and purpose.


Recognising the innate potential of each person and to nurture this through the provision of dynamic led care and the creation of a respectful, safe, accepting environment where our clients can flourish and grow.

Barróg Healthcare provides residential care and day packages to enable people who need support across the areas of mental health, disability, aftercare, elderly, transitional and mainstream social care. Our programmes are built around our central philosophy; to embrace the possibilities for each person in our care and work with external support agencies and local community groups to grow and foster independence towards an outcome of social interaction and purposeful contribution, celebrating the best of each person’s ability.

Senior Staff at Barróg Healthcare have a combined 120 years working in the social care sector in Ireland. This level of experience informs every decision we make about our service delivery, from recruitment to programme development, everything is driven by experience, informed expertise and a desire to deliver the best quality development care package possible.  

Care Philosophy

Working together with dignity to reveal the very best ‘self’ each person can be.


Barróg Healthcare believes in nurturing and fostering every person through any challenges they have to help them contribute as fully as they can to their lives and their communities. Every day we work together to; 



self-development, growth and understanding towards becoming a participant in society

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