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Aftercare services range from outreach services to supporting people in their own home, through to accommodation based services, whereby Barróg Healthcare provide accommodation with staff support for a young person.


Depending on their needs, support may be provided in the evening and overnight, or 24 hours per day. Bespoke placements can be arranged, with live night staffing as required. Aftercare services focus on independent living skills as well as education and training; enabling the young person to grow in confidence and self-esteem whilst learning new skills.

More info on Aftercare:

  • All young person's are supported in developing their independent living skills from the start of placement. 

  • Our support staff are experienced in encouraging young people, through gentle coaching and suggestion to enter into routines in completing general household tasks such as, meal planning/preparation, budgeting, shopping, cleaning, washing, financial services and ensuring they are receiving appropriate financial support.  

  • We aim to maximise a young person’s full potential and to build confidence and self-esteem. 

Features of Aftercare

Our Aftercare service offers bespoke individual support packages to young people aged 18 and up to 21 years old, our service aims to provide a positive experience for young people as they grow and develop into young adults.  

Barróg Healthcare staff are committed to assisting and supporting young people who are making the transition into independent living and using our independent training programme, our young people can learn the necessary life skills to achieve positive outcomes and aid them in the journey into adulthood. 

We offer a combination of packages, including, accommodation, individually tailored support hours, mentoring, advocacy and guidance for education, training, development and housing applications. 

A bespoke placement proposal is implemented based on detailed planning and multi-agency working with all professionals involved to optimise a smooth transition for all young people referred.  

We have a range of support level options and these are designed to be on a phased reduction plan, which encompasses outcomes and targets are achievable for the young person and incentive-based goals are realised. 

We are in a position to provide a holistic person-centred approach to transition, whereby we can be proactive with links to our services and this can then enable a young person to be supported through their journey from residential or fostering provisions, whilst maintaining joint partnership working with the referral agency team and minimising the young person’s anxiety that derives from change in service provision. 

Our ultimate aim for our young people is to enable them to live as independently as possible, to sustain their own tenancy and be a responsible member of the community, alongside realising their personal goals and ambitions. 



What We Offer:

Our service offers placements to young people leaving care between the ages of 18 and up to 21 years of age, (dependent on engagement with education/training) and our key focus is to ensure that all our young people are empowered to achieve realistic goals and ambitions in relation to their transition into independent living. 

The following packages of support are offered: 

  1. Transitional support packages: internally linking Children’s residential staff and 17+ support teams to ensure a smooth crossover between care placements. 

  2. Medium level support packages: Accommodation and Overnight staff presence in addition to daily support sessions. 

  3. High-level support packages: Accommodation and 24/7 provision, implemented on a phased reduction plan. 

  4. Intensive support packages: Accommodation and high-level support including overnight sleep or waking night support hours to minimize risks with an additional support plan as agreed with the referring agency (prior to placement) aimed at a 6-month reduction model. 

  5. Support Only: mentoring and outreach support available and a detailed outcome-based action plan implemented to achieve positive tasks in minimal time. 

In addition to the above we are able to offer bespoke tailor-made support packages as requested by the referring agency to suit the individual needs of each individual young person. 

















  • Our staff are fully trained in supporting young people, we undertake an assessment process that gives our work a focus, working towards towards attainable skills and allowing young people to be able to record their achievements in these areas. The ongoing assessment dictates the areas which need to be prioritised and indicates ongoing levels of required support. 

  • We aim to promote emotional well-being and Support which positive responses can be made to the social, cultural, developmental and psychological problems experienced by any young person. 

  • To identify and access where applicable, external support agencies linked to substance and alcohol misuse, self- injury and mental health agencies. 

  • Enable and actively support the young person to develop positive peer group relations and appropriate relationships with authority figures. 

  • To maximize the development of each individual, working with them to build or rebuild positive self-esteem.

  • To provide a safe, stimulating environment in which positive responses can be made to the social, cultural, developmental and psychological problems experienced by any young person. 

  • To restore, encourage and maintain the highest standards of personal, physical and mental health and hygiene for all the young people. 

  • To provide a programme to enhance moral, cultural, social, educational, spiritual, religious and overall development of all individuals who are placed with us. 

  • To encourage young people to acquire skills through learning formally and informally, and to use those skills to procure further learning and employment opportunities. 

  • To assist, support and encourage self-development and the acceptance of duties associated with being a responsible member of our society. 

  • To help young people to refrain from unproductive behaviour and to participate in activities which are conducive to their short and long-term goals. 

  • To support young people to challenge or overcome problems associated with rejection, frustration and persecution on any grounds (i.e. age, gender, sexual orientation, and race). 


Aftercare Aims & Objectives:

Our service recognises the obstacles and challenges that face young people as they prepare to leave state care and make the transition into independence and adulthood.

We believe that providing young people with positive role models and empathetic, dedicated experienced workers, we can equip them with the independent living skills required to thrive in the wider community.

We specifically focus our work with young people in the following areas:

  • Providing good quality accommodation

  • Budgeting Skills

  • Home Care Skills (e.g. Shopping, Cooking, Cleaning)

  • Accessing/Managing Education or Work

  • Challenging anti-social behaviour

  • Managing relationships

  • Overcoming boredom and isolation

  • Self-identity

  • Self-care skills

  • Help in accessing/attending identified therapeutic/ mental health supports and aiding young people through the process.

We recognise that many care leavers have experienced trauma in their lives. Moreover, we recognise that they will make mistakes and their adjustment to independent living may be challenging and difficult. Our organisation is fully committed to working with young people in times of both calm and crisis, to allow them every opportunity to fulfil their ambitions and potential.

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